Jones Architecture was founded in late 1995 by Mark Ian Jones, and commenced full time practice in 1996. The practice undertakes all scales of architectural commissions, specialising in small to medium scale projects. The projects illustrated on this site represent a selection that demonstrate the range of commissions from private and government clients.

Having trained under the late Harry Seidler, Mark Ian Jones graduated in 1988 from the University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelor of Architecture with first class honours. He was awarded the Byra Hadley Travelling Scholarship by the Board of Architects of New South Wales also in 1988. In 1991 Mark was entered on the roll of the Board of Architects of New South Wales as a Chartered Architect.

Mark also holds a Ph.D in design history, focussing on Swedish and Scandinavian design. His research has been published internationally as an academic and freelance design writer. Mark has presented lectures on his research in Australia, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway and Sweden. He remains actively involved in design education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts and Enmore Design Centre Sydney.

"Mark Ian Jones is a Sydney based architect influenced strongly by the elegance of modernism. True to the Miesian attitude, Mark uses a range of colours and textures than enhance areas without meaningless gestures of shapes. The forms he uses have hidden uses and always considers the senses, walking through a space and how this would sound may account for the choice of a particular material. Smell, texture and colour all considered with the knowledge of orientation a strong sense of richness evidenced by the palette of materials. Sharp shadows of the southern hemisphere are used to best advantage. The journey through the building conscious of the peripheral vision, emphasis for the primary vision, subtle combinations and appropriateness, influences the way this architect thinks. There is a logic to placement of openings, quality of light, and the preference for the use of natural materials rather than man made that added together presents a powerful yet serene atmosphere, a temple called home."

Joanette Seiden 2004

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